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“Rule number one: Don’t fuck with librarians.” – Neil Gaiman

The Rule Number One blog was started by two librarians who share a common interest in information literacy instructional pedagogy. Our goal is to share a creative space where we can explore our occasional thoughts about educational theory and its application to information literacy instruction, the library profession, and … whatever.

Who We Are:

Our book Learner-Centered Pedagogy: Principles and Practice is available Summer 2017 from ALA Editions. You can order the book from the ALA Store or from Amazon.

Our article “How Do Our Students Learn? An Outline of a Cognitive Psychological Model for Information Literacy Instruction” was  published in Reference & User Services Quarterly. The article was named a “Top Twenty” Article of 2015 by LIRT – ALA’s Library Instruction Round table. Here is a video of a webinar of us presenting on this topic for EasyBib’s Professional Development Series. We also presented on the topic “Communicating the Value of Information Literacy” in the same series. You can view a video of the presentation on YouTube.

Our article “Education Training for Instruction Librarians: A Shared Perspective,” is available in Communications in Information Literacy.

We are available for presentations on information literacy and also for training consultations with your department or library on learner-centered pedagogical practices. Please contact us using the information below if you’re interested.

Dani Brecher Cook:

I received myDani Brecher MSLS from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in May 2013. I also hold an A.B. in English Literature from the University of Chicago, and worked in the publishing industry before attending library school. I now live and work in Southern California, where I work as an academic librarian in instruction, research services, and technology. My interests include instructional design, the judicious use of instructional technology, and learner-centered teaching.

My team was recognized with the LIRT Innovation in Instruction Award in 2015 for our work with visual curriculum mapping.

It’s conference season, and you can catch me at the following places:

ACRL IS Preconference (June 23, Chicago, IL) “Social Justice in Praxis: Teaching “Information Has Value” through the Scholarly Communication Lens” with Alexandra Chappell, Jessica Davila Greene, and Allegra Swift

You can contact me at danibcook at gmail dot com or on Twitter @danibcook. You can find my C.V. here.

Kevin Michael Klipfel:KMK Chapel Hill
I received my M.A. in philosophy from Virginia Tech in 2007 and was for several years an instructor of philosophy, teaching moral, political, and existential philosophy; in 2009 I was a “Favorite Faculty” nominee, a student-nominated award at Virginia Tech. I graduated in May 2013 with my M.S.L.S. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. where my master’s paper, on student engagement and information literacy, was awarded the “Dean’s Achievement Award” for the Best Master’s Paper of 2013 in the School of Information & Library Science.  I am interested in applying research in educational psychology, critical thinking, and humanistic and existential psychotherapy to learner-centered information literacy instruction. I live and work in Los Angeles.

Some of my work:

My article “Authenticity and Learning: Implications for Reference Librarianship and Information Literacy Instruction,” was published in the January 2015 issue of  College & Research Libraries.

My article “Authentic Engagement: Assessing the Effects of Authenticity on Student Engagement and Information Literacy in Academic Library Instruction,” is available from Reference Services Review.

My chapter on “Thinking about Meaning: How to Be a Philosophical Librarian” was recently published in the volume Skills to Make a Librarian: Transferable Skills Inside and Outside the Library.

Selected Presentations: “Authentic Engagement: A Humanistic-Existential Approach to Learner-Centered Pedagogy” at the 8th Annual Conference for Humanistic Psychology (American Psychological Association Division 32) (March 26-29),  Chicago, Illinois.

(with Alex Carroll) on the topic, “Librarians as Action Researchers: A Practical Framework for Evidence-Based Information Literacy Instruction” at the 2015 LOEX conference (April 30-May 2), Denver, Co.

You can contact Kevin at kevin dot michael dot klipfel at gmail dot com. He’s also, for some reason, on Twitter @K_M_Klipfel

The opinions expressed on this blog solely represent the opinions of the authors (who else’s would they be?!) (and not even necessarily both of them).


7 responses to “About Us

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  3. Marie-Therese Mitri

    Is this online course require us to be available during a certain period of time? I mean does it entail some kind of online participation through webinar or something similar?

    • Kevin Michael Klipfel

      Yes and no. You don’t need to watch webinars or anything like that at any specific time. There are weekly readings and weekly response questions but, again, you can do them at your own pace during the week. There’s also a final project you will build toward which you can work at at your leisure. Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any more questions!

  4. brian

    can you please give me a citation for that Gaiman quote — when and where did he say it, or in which publication did it appear? thanks.

    • Dani B. Cook

      Hi Brian,

      Absolutely. It’s from a blog post about World AIDS Day and banning books that Gaiman wrote in 2004–http://journal.neilgaiman.com/2004/12/world-aids-day-post.asp


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