Heavenly Beauty

My  interview/essay piece on the great New York street photographer Michelle Rick was just published by Ethos Review – should be of interest to librarians who are Salinger fans, in addition to fans of art.

Photo by Michelle Rick via Ethos Review

An excerpt:

What interested me when I had the chance to interview Michelle Rick was not so much a dissection of her photos, but getting to know the heavenly fool herself. What is behind a person capable of producing such beautiful work? If Salinger is right, and it’s “the eyes” of the great artist that allow them to show the rest of us what a splendid planet this really is, what’s the story behind her astonishing vision? Where does the ability to capture these scenes, to see these colors (my God, the color!) that dominate Michelle’s Rick’s work, come from? How on earth does one develop this ability to see?

As far as I can tell from talking to Michelle, love – the ego-less, Karma-Yoga Zen-like moment-to-moment love of living embodied by the true artist – ends up being the answer.

Check out her beautiful photos and my essay at Ethos! 


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