Last Chance to Register: Take a Class with Rule Number One!

Kevin and I are really excited to share that we’ll be teaching an online class for RUSA for the first time. The class, “Learner-Centered Reference and Instruction: Science, Psychology, and Inclusive Pedagogy,” will be held from April 6-May 17. We’re having a blast putting together the syllabus and learning about Moodle, and hope that you’ll join us! The description is after the jump, and you can read more about the course at the RUSA site. Please let us know if you have any questions! Course description: This course will introduce library practitioners to empirically sound approaches to learner-centered teaching that can be applied to creating effective reference and instruction services that maximally facilitate student learning. The first part of the course will be devoted to understanding the current science of how students learn from the perspective of cognitive and educational psychology, and concrete ways that library practitioners can apply this learning to the library context. The second part of course will deal with motivational aspects of learning: What does the psychological research say about what makes students want to learn, and how can we use this research to motivate information literacy learning? The final part of the course will cover issues of diversity and inclusive pedagogy from within the framework of culturally responsive pedagogy: In a diverse educational landscape, how can we construct our teaching so that it includes, rather than alienates, as many students as possible? The aim of this course is to give librarians the tools to feel more confident in their instructional strategies and ability to support student-centered learning. Not only will the course introduce participants to scientifically grounded pedagogies, but will lead them through exercises to concretely apply these theories to their own library contexts. This course will be of interest to any librarian who engages in reference or teaching, and is unique in providing a current overview of the current educational literature alongside practical strategies.



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6 responses to “Last Chance to Register: Take a Class with Rule Number One!

  1. The course sounds awesome! Glad y’all are having fun putting it together….can’t wait to hear how it goes!

  2. Awesome news! I’ll spread the word!

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