Interesting Job Ad …

…. from Clark College up in Washington. In addition to the usual rigamarole, they’re requiring applicants to answer the following supplemental questions:

1.    If you were going to write a conference proposal sharing your techniques for teaching underprepared college students, what would it say?
2.    Provide a draft lesson plan for a typical 50-minute session in which students need to locate articles in popular magazines and scholarly journals.
3.    Considering the breadth of ACRLs information literacy outcomes, which ones would you see as most appropriate for community college students who intend to transfer to four-year colleges? And why?
4.    Consider the following three typical reference and instruction librarian duties, in alphabetical order: collection development, instruction, reference desk. How would you prioritize these, and why?
5.    A colleague has asked you for advice about to approach learning a new Content Management System (CMS). In five steps, outline a plan for him/her.
6.    In your opinion, what populations do community college libraries least support and what would you do to rectify that?

I think doing this is kind of smart. Has anyone ever seen something like this before right in the actual application? I’m not sure that I have.


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