Reliability Tutorial

Bill Marino (Eastern Michigan) has given me permission to post a tutorial he and his team put together on reliability and evaluating information. Bill and I met at last year’s LOEX, and he asked permission to use and adapt a “reliability continuum” I made up and use in my classes to get students to think critically about sources. Interestingly, the tutorial combines the CRAAP test with my work, so the tutorial is very Cal State-centric, as the CRAAP test was created by our library dean here at the Meriam Library, Sarah Blakelee.  Sarah is, of course, aware that I don’t have much love for the CRAAP test, and seems to like me anyway.

Here’s the tutorial for anyone interested. I’ve put together a few similar information literacy modules but they don’t look nearly as nice.

reliability tutorial

I’d also like to point out that Bill was an exemplar of being a good professional colleague with all of this: he requested my permission to use and adapt my ideas for this purpose, properly cited the work in the tutorial, said he’d follow up with me when the tutorial was finished, and actually did!



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