“How Do Our Students Learn?” Register for Our Webinar on Info Lit & Ed Psych with EasyBib

Dani and I will be conducting a FREE webinar for EasyBib’s excellent professional development series on the topic of “How Do Our Students Learn?: A Cognitive Psychological Model for Information Literacy Instruction.” Here’s a description of the webinar:

Effective student-centered pedagogy requires understanding how students learn, and tailoring our instruction accordingly. This webinar is designed to introduce teaching librarians to the cognitive science of learning and its potential to improve information literacy instruction. Five basic principles from the cognitive science of learning will be introduced, along with concrete examples for how to apply them to the information literacy instruction context.

We’re both looking forward to working with EasyBib again, and hope to have the chance to discuss the connections between information literacy and educational psychology with many of you!

You can register for the webinar here. If you don’t have time to participate in the webinar live, register anyway, and you’ll be sent a link with the video, slides, resources, and all kinds of good stuff.



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