LOEX Presentation: “How Do Our Students Learn?: A Cognitive Psychological Model for Information Literacy Instruction”

Later this week Dani and I shall be temporarily departing from our respective California locales, to head to Grand Rapids, Michigan to present at the LOEX Annual Conference. Our presentation will be on Friday, May 9, from 1:45-3:35pm, on the topic of:  “How Do Our Students Learn?: A Cognitive Psychological Model for Information Literacy Instruction.”  Here’s the abstract from the conference proceedings:

Effective student-centered pedagogy requires a deep understanding of how students learn. Current research in the cognitive science of learning provides important insight into how instructors can encourage learners to both retain and transfer new knowledge, two classic measures of student learning. While the current library literature discusses the application of learning theories to library instruction, there is little discussion of how empirical research on the relationship between cognition and learning can enhance information literacy instruction in the physical and digital classroom. The study of cognition can help librarians make their sessions count. This session will outline a framework for high-impact information literacy instruction based on five key principles drawn from the educational psychology literature related to the cognitive science of learning. The presenters will suggest concrete strategies for designing effective information literacy instruction based on these five empirically grounded principles, and take the audience through the planning of a sample information literacy session adhering to these principles.

Participants will:

  • Understand the relevance of cognitive psychology for information literacy instruction
  • Describe five principles from the cognitive science of learning and relate them to information literacy instruction
  • Apply these empirically grounded strategies to planning information literacy sessions geared toward the retention of information literacy concepts, critical thinking about information, and the transfer of information literacy skills to new contexts

Intended audience: Brand new to the topic, Some experience with the topic

We’re both super excited to talk about some stuff we’ve been working on and thinking about for quite awhile, and looking forward to being immersed in information literacy instruction for a couple days, getting to meet up with old friends, and, hopefully, making some new ones. So please say hello if you happen to run into us!


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