Kevin Michael Klipfel Leaves Information Literacy Coordinator job for New, Better Position

Here at Rule Number One we know a thing or two about haters (hint: they’re gonna hate).

I am therefore extremely pleased to announce that, after much deliberation with my coaches, parents, and, most importantly, after watching this video sent to me by my friend Alex Carroll –

I’ve decided to leave my job as Information Literacy Coordinator to pursue my lifelong dream of hating on haters full time.  I’ve always hated haters, but due to some poor career counseling I received during high school and college, I never really knew that following my passion full time was really, truly possible.

Although I leave the library profession with a pang of regret, to be able to hate on haters Monday through Friday, 9-5 pm, let’s say … 50 weeks a year, is truly a dream come true. There are just so many haters out there that one simply cannot afford to waste one’s day helping students evaluate information, encouraging them to explore research they’re curious about, and (especially?) attending faculty meetings.  It is thus with enormous pride and excitement that I move into this new phase of my professional life, and commence hating on haters of all stripes with the all the resources at my disposal.

Unfortunately, since we live in a market driven, capitalistic society, I do feel compelled to report with sadness that, at this time in our country’s history, altruistic endeavors such as these must be entirely self-financed.  This being the case, Rule Number One Friends & Family (RN1 F&F) have begun the Kevin Michael Klipfel Hating on Haters Project Fund. For inquires about how to get involved, please contact the project fund manager, Kevin Michael Klipfel, at kevin dot michael dot klipfel at gmail dot com (Subject Line: “Haters”).

Your Most Humble and Obedient Servant,



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