EasyBib Webinar: Communicating the Value of Information Literacy

Dani and I will be leading a professional development webinar for the website EasyBib on the topic of “Communicating the Value of Information Literacy.” Here is a brief description:

A central challenge for teaching librarians is articulating practical ways librarians can help students develop critical thinking and information literacy skills in the classroom. This webinar will provide concrete strategies for building a cohesive narrative about library instruction’s value and offers several metaphors for conveying what we do to stakeholders.

The webinar is on January 21st at 3PM EST and is free of charge. You can register on the EasyBib website.

And while you’re there check out these important findings about students’ perceptions of libraries from a study conducted by EasyBib in-house librarians Emily Gover and Caitlyn Selleck.



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3 responses to “EasyBib Webinar: Communicating the Value of Information Literacy

  1. It was a truly insightful hour. Thanks to you both

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