Information Literacy in the News: “Building Literacy in the Library” Article

Our campus magazine just published an article about our information literacy program and yours truly.

An excerpt:

In today’s connected world, many students have entire libraries in the palms of their hands, accessible with a few taps and swipes of their fingers. The immediacy and prevalence of media in the 21st century in many ways has been a boon for education, but it has also amplified the need to teach people how to navigate the constant deluge of information.

Here to meet that need at Chico State is Kevin Klipfel, Meriam Library’s new information literacy coordinator. Klipfel, originally from Buffalo, New York, was given the opportunity before the start of the fall semester to rebuild the University’s Information Literacy Program from the ground up.

The program’s mission is to incorporate information literacy—the ability to think critically about finding and using information for a specific purpose—into the university curriculum by focusing on teaching students these skills during the process of research.

“I think of it almost as a philosophical question—what should I believe and how do I know what’s out there is reliable,” Klipfel says.

You can check out the whole article – which, naturally, includes some off the cuff remarks about Drizzy Drake – via Inside Chico State.


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