A History of Librarians?

I know that some people take History of Libraries during library school and that there are books on the topic. A lot of them focus on the libraries themselves.

Does anyone know of any literature talking about the history of librariansThat’s something I’m always interested in whenever I find stuff about it, but something more substantial would be awesome.

What I have in mind is something more like this or this instead of something focused on like … library architecture.

The course description at UNC’s School of Information & Library Science touches on this:

INLS 551: History of Libraries and Other Information-Related Cultural Institutions (3 credits)

The history of cultural institutions related to information from earliest times to the present day. Includes specific institutions, trends in service and facilities, and individuals important in the development of these institutions

I’d be particularly interested in the stuff in italics; people influential in the history of library education/library schools; or if anyone has a syllabus with a reading list from a class like this.




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2 responses to “A History of Librarians?

  1. Sara

    Classicist George Houston wrote several articles about librarians in antiquity. Might be worth checking out!

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