“Chico State librarian teaches first-year students research strategies”

Some of the work I’m doing related to information literacy and student engagement just received a really nice write-up in the local newspaper where I live in California, the Chico Enterprise Record.

Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 10.52.57 AMThe article talks about a bit about my research with “authentic engagement” and incorporating students’ interests into their schoolwork.

A couple excerpts from the article:

CHICO — First-year Chico State University students might think that college-level research is daunting, but new faculty member Kevin Klipfel may have found a way to ease their worries and get them engaged.

“I had this idea that if I could like help students do work that meant something to them, that expressed who they really were, then they would be more engaged with their schoolwork and that would help them research better,” the new librarian said.


During his Oct. 9 workshop, Klipfel presented to Nathan Collins’ English 130 class that focuses on academic writing.

“Schoolwork so often alienates kids by making it about what the teacher wants, pleasing your prof to get that passing grade,” Collins said. “But our writing program isn’t about that, and neither is Kevin.”

Collins believes college is about pursuing and discovering the interests in life that students truly enjoy being involved in and yearn to learn more about.

“It should be a totally self-generated and self-guided experience,” Collins said, “And that’s what Kevin’s approach does.”

Klipfel’s unique way of teaching students how to seek a research topic shows students a different way to seek information.

“I hope that the stuff I’m doing with Drake helps them see the possibilities of what school could be for them,” he said.

Many thanks to Chico ER reporter Katrina Cameron for taking interest in the story, and the wonderful writeup; I think it will help us reach many more students!

UPDATE: Story also got picked up by LIS News.


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