I Shot a Man – Er … Gave a Talk about Information Literacy – in Reno

I’m not sure how many readers we have in Reno – our respective publicists handle most of our fan correspondence – but there’s some good stuff going on at the upcoming 68th Annual Nevada Library Association Conference. The conference is from October 17th-18th at the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa.

The skyline of downtown Reno Nevada at sunset.

Speakers include 2012-2013 ALA President Maureen Sullivan and one of Rule Number One’s very own: me. I’ll be speaking on the topic of “Authentic Engagement: Using Student’s Interests to Motivate Information Literacy Learning.”

Here’s the conference abstract for my talk:

This program discusses how librarians can incorporate students’ authentic interests into library instruction to increase their engagement with their coursework and retention of information literacy skills. Practical, empirically driven strategies for discovering and incorporating student’s interests into research, and how this expands the pedagogical role of librarians, will be outlined.

I look forward to meeting and learning from other librarians in beautiful Reno!


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