On Self-Regulation, Intelligence, and Learning

Interesting radio interview with my former teacher (and Dani’s), Jeff Greene, professor in the School of Education at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  The interview includes some great bits about some stuff we’ve touched on before, including the growth mindset, intelligence, and hard work.  A bit about Jeff:

Greene is currently examining how students self-regulate their learning, as well as how their beliefs about knowledge and knowing relate to learning. He is also interested in the interaction between self-regulated learning and student beliefs, and how this interaction influences learning.

Greene publishes his research in professional journals including Educational PsychologistContemporary Educational PsychologyReview of Educational ResearchJournal of Educational Computing Research and Instructional Science. Greene has received awards from the American Educational Research Association and is on the editorial board of Contemporary Educational Psychology and The Journal of Experimental Education.

I encourage librarians working in instruction to listen to Jeff’s interview, especially if you’re interested in emotional intelligence.


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