More Than Libraries: Or: Why This Blog, Now

Welcome to the first post of Rule Number One: A Library Blog. As we set out, we wanted to take a moment to discuss our reasons for starting this blog.

Our aim is to share and discuss information literacy instruction from an educator’s perspective. In our view, library instructors need to view themselves as serious educators and situate themselves as equals in the educational system. As such, we must be serious consumers of educational literature independent from the library literature. We believe that the best work in our field will be done by people who take insights from other disciplines and creatively transfer them to a library context.

To put it simply: If you’re interested in library instruction, you’d better be interested in more than libraries.

We need to have, or develop, an intrinsic interest in how human beings learn, what motivates them, and what motivates them to want to learn. We need to strive to be experts at applying literature in the field of education to library instruction. We must understand something about psychology in an educational context. We must examine the meaning of critical thinking and determine how to implement it in the classroom and in the curriculum more generally. Reading the library literature may be necessary, but it will not be sufficient for this task: We must broaden our expertise if we expect to teach our students the literacy skills that will help them succeed in their college careers and beyond.

There is no clear path laid out for how to do this. And we are not, and do not claim to be, experts at doing so. But we feel confident that the future of library instruction lies along this path. So we invite you to join us as we explore these issues, in the hopes that our conversations will make us better librarians and teachers.



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